Showers mathematics Book 1-6

Understanding Mathematics by Africana Book 1-6

New method mathematics Book 1-6

Macmillan Champion Primary Mathematics Book 1-6

English Grammar foundation Book 1-6

Showers book English Book 1-6

Spelling book by John Smith Book 1-6

 Phonics is fun by learn Africa Book 1-6

English Language Modular Course for Primary School Book 1- 6

Premier English by Learning solution Book 1-6

Macmilan English Book 1-6

Vengeance of the spirit

The saint

The rejected child

Ogadinma the diary of a housemaid

The costly mistake

 Save African womb

Oxford primary dictionary  

Steps handwriting  bk 1 – bk6

Lantern composition bk1 – bk6

Lantern quantitative/verbal bk1 – bk6

MacMillan verbal and quantitative bk 1 – bk6

Ugo C. Ugo vocational aptitude bk1 – bk6

Basic Science Technology- Stan by University Press Bk 1 – 6

Social Studies- Third Edition by University Press Workbook  Bk1 – 6

Social Studies for Primary third edition by University Press Bk1 – 6

Agricultural Science  Bk1 – 6

Computer Science by Lantern  Bk1 – 6

 Longman Basic Science by F. 0. C. NDU Bk1 – 6

Ilesanmi Health Education Books Bk1 – 6

Civic Education by West African Bk1 – 6

Dictionary for Primary school longman Bk1 – 6

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